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I'm . I'm the greatest GNU/Linux sysadmin in the world, I develop rock-solid CMS in PHP/MariaDB and I create wonderful Android apps. {{Citation needed | Informations with no authority}}

I like to promote the Free as in freedom software, and this is also my job!

I study at the Information Techology department of Torino (sadly known as Computer Science Department).


In order of preference:

  • boz at reyboz dot it
    Excuse me... will come back online when I have time

  • bozzolan.valerio at educ.di.unito dot it
    Mailbox of the University of Torino, Information Tecnology department.

  • gnu at linux dot it
    No, I'm not jocking! In your face! It's beautiful <3

  • gnu at ils dot org
    Same as above.

  • valerio.bozzolan at edu.unito dot it
    That "edu" means Google Apps for education. Nasty thing.

  • valerio.bozzolan at gmail dot com
    I don't have to give explanations, I have to receive SPAM somewhere.

For the records: it is not a crime to send me an OpenPGP encrypted e-mail!

OpenPGP key
What's this?

If you don't know about OpenPGP, have fun with my "indovinello del cattivo corriere" (IT).


Formal Europass curriculum.

Are you in debt with me?
Thesis 2013/2014

My thesis «LIM, LTSP, E-Register. Sustainable technology for teaching» for the ITIS Avogadro in Turin. (100/100)

Some of my creatures

Progetto Description Links
Mappa dei Wikipediani Mappa auto-generata dei Wikipediani attivi GitHub
Italian Fuel Comparator Italian fuel pumps comparator, built over Boz-PHP. Online | Launchpad | GitHub
Boz-PHP Another PHP+MariaDB framework. Launchpad | GitHub
Simple horizontal showcase jQuery plugin. Online | GitHub
Chord Shift Shift textual chords. F-Droid | Launchpad
BusTO Free/libre Turin public transport! F-Droid | Launchpad | GitHub | post
Lock Screen Lock Screen. Literally. F-Droid | Launchpad
Acrylic Paint Simple finger painting. F-Droid | GitHub
MineSweeper Classic puzzle game. F-Droid | Launchpad
Open Student Project to create a school register in PHP. I have to find more time and support. Launchpad